One small step at a time...

Join our fun courses now!

Always wanted to learn how to mend your clothes so people would stop you in the street just to ask where you got this epic shirt/pullover/pair of pants from?


Then search no more, you have come to the right place! We are currently putting some amazing courses together for you to enjoy in May/June.


Please let us know if you're interested and we will soon get in touch with further details.

Feel like you want to learn a thing or two about upcycling? 


Then this course will definitely be the right fit for you. We are looking at a couple of common waste problems and will find ways of making stylish and new things for your house and garden.


We are currently looking at May/June for this course. Leave your details with us and we will be in touch soon with more info!

A guide to how you can live a plastic-free life, making great recipes from scratch and where to find the best bulk stores. 


This course is a great way to start your plastic-free journey, meet like-minded people, and a lot of handy tips for your sustainable journey.


Courses will be in May. Further details coming soon! 

Want to learn how to introduce more plant based recipes in your weekly meal plan? 


This course includes cooking some vegetarian and vegan meals. You are leaving not only with a full and happy tummy, but with great recipes for your whole family!


Join us this May and learn a new skill!

Come, change the world with me!

One small step at a time...

If we want to change the world for the better and tackle climate change, we do need to make conscious decisions and vote with our dollar. 


Buy less, choose well and make it last!


At Little Eco Ninja we support sustainable products with an environmental and social impact: