2040 film screening Leongatha

Join us for this screening on 5th May at 6:30pm and get inspired! Damon Gameau, award-winning director (That Sugar Film), takes us on a journey of envisioning what the world would look like in 2040, if we all did everything we can right NOW and embraced all the great solutions that are already available today. 


This documentary is an informative and hopeful take on Climate Change, which will give us solutions to work with and make our community of game changers grow. Because we need absolutely EVERYONE, right now!


Little Eco Ninja has organised a Q&A for after the film with Michelle Isles (Climate Change Expert) and Kaj Lofgren (Doughnut Economy model expert). 


For the screening to go ahead, the cinema requires us to sell a total of 60 tickets before 21st April, so grab your family and friends and get some tickets now. We promise, you won't regret it. Btw, your credit card does not get charged until the screening is confirmed.


See you all on 5th May! We cannot wait!!

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Here is what others said about 2040:

"Let's turn this ship around! Thanks @damon.gameau and @2040film for this powerful analogy, it's keeping me from sinking into despair (that was a bad joke and I stand by it )." Brenna Quinlan, Australian Artist


"Damon Gameau’s documentary is an accessible, informative and optimistic look at solutions to the climate crisis." NY Times


"The status quo is unsustainable, and Gameau illustrates that transformative change is not only necessary, but possible." Los Angeles Times


"This is a hopeful, even sweet look at what the future could be like for the next generation if the world embraces actionable steps to save the Earth." Common Sense Media


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