Get to know Missea

Meet our newest member 'missea': designed, tailored and sewn swimwear by Miri in Gippsland. Miri creates this gorgeous, sustainable and unique swimwear in her own studio near the beach. Inspired by the beautiful Australian beaches, she makes super stylish beach wear, which is sure to impress.


What makes missea's swimwear unique and sustainable?


Firstly, every pair of swimsuit is sewn by Miri in Gippsland and not by someone in a far away country under terrible conditions and without earning a living wage.


Secondly, the material which is used to create missea's bikinis, bathing suits, surfsuits and children bathers, is sourced in Australia, which means it has a lower carbon footprint. It is material which otherwise would have been discarded, because there is too little fabric to create a whole collection in different sizes for the big swimwear companies.


Thirdly, all swimwear is reversible giving you two wearing options with just one purchase. Depending on what you feel like on the day, you can just flip this beautiful piece of garment and either wear it on its single coloured side or with its beautiful beach design.

Woman with brown hair pulled to a pony tail sitting in front of her sewing machine wearing a white V-neck t-shirt
Miri @ missea

Last but not least, the reason why missea is so unique is because of its founder and owner.


Miri is an experienced fashion designer, who has not only created lookbooks for international fashion labels, but has also participated in the Berlin Fashion Week.


Whether you have a special request or you need your bikini, swim- or surfsuit  in a certain colour or form, missea will make sure to make your summer dreams come true.  Making you the star of the beach, no matter where you are in Australia!


Send an email to Miri with any questions to or send a message through the form online (at the bottom of this page).

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