Plastic Free July 2020

Choose to refuse single-use plastic bagde with plasticfreejuly.org

Another year has flown by just like that and plastic free July is just around the corner. This year is going to be even more fun with the super extra challenge of Covid-19 and its restrictions being thrown in. As you may have noticed already, Woolworths is not able to collect our soft plastics at the moment due to their Chinese factory being unable to accept any plastic deliveries from Australia. Even more reason to change our shopping behaviour and create a new habit of living a more sustainable life.

We know you love a good challenge just as much as we do and you cannot wait to get hooked to your new plastic-free life by becoming a little eco ninja and changing the world for the better.

Here are some ideas that you might find useful to get started. Let’s see how many you can tick off during next month’s challenge and how many you may keep doing after July simply because you cannot live without them anymore… 

Easy peasy

  • Start using reusable pods for your morning coffee or start using a coffee maker or plunger (1)
  • Buy toothbrushes that are made of bamboo (2)
  • Give shampoo and conditioner bars, as well as Abars of soap and shaving soap a go (3)
  • Choose cans or jars over plastic
  • Stop buying bottled water in plastic bottles and buy yourself a nice reusable drinking bottle (4)
  • Get some steel pegs to hang up your washing and buy washing powder in a cardboard box instead of a plastic container (5)
  • Buy your toilet paper from Who Gives A Crap (side benefit: never run out of it ever again!) (6)
  • Say no to single-use plastic by bringing your own containers/ cutlery to take-away venues or pack your own lunch this month (7)
  • Get your take-away coffee from a place which either offers compostable take-away cups or accepts your reusable cup (8)

A little more challenging

  • Buy or make some reusable produce bags and remember to bring them to the shop every time you go shopping by putting them into your other shopping bags (9)
  • Remember to bring your own bags to the supermarket and refuse buying single use plastic bags (10)
  • Refuse when offered a plastic straw, instead ask your friends to buy you some nice reusable ones on Friendship Day (11)
  • Try buying milk in glass bottles or cardboard containers
  • Buy fish and meat from the market/ butcher and take your own containers (remember to clean them properly!)
  • Buy fresh bread which is not wrapped in plastic or start baking your own from scratch or with the help of a bread mix from the supermarket

If it doesn't hurt you ain't doing it right

  • Buy fruit and veggies free from plastic through i.e. Open Food Network Australia
  • Stop using plastic bin liners and either use newspaper instead or quickly wash out your bin every time you take it out to meet its big buddy
  • Grow your own food (12)
  • Make food from scratch and buy in bulk (13)
  • Get some menstruation panties (14) or try a menstruation cup (15)
  • Write to the companies of your favourite food and let them know that you have stopped buying their product because of their plastic packaging (16)
  • Send your eBay/ Gumtree sales with eco packaging (17)
  • Inspire others to join the Plastic Free July challenge
  • Join one of the many waste recycling programs of TerraCycle with your own business/ your work or school and address one of the current plastic waste problems in an appropriate manner

Download your little Plastic Free July Guide here:

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how to find some great plastic free options

1. Reusable coffee capsules

Crema Joe has a great blog post about reusable coffee capsules explaining everything you need to know when choosing yours

2. Bamboo toothbrushes

Wasteland rebel went on a mission to find the most sustainable toothbrush and these are just some of the great options out there

3. Shampoo and conditioner bars, bars of soap & shaving soap

Business Insider tried shampoo and conditioner bars of a small B-Corp certified NZ company and Elle Magazine rates these the best shampoo bars

4. Reusable drinking water bottles

As there are so many lovely options of reusable drinking water bottles out there, this review by Choice might help you choose the best one for you

5. Steel pegs

Blogger Tammy Logan explores the benefits of steel pegs

6. Recycled toilet paper

Give this B-Corp certified company a go if you are after recycled toilet paper delivered right to your doorstep

7. Reusable lunch boxes and cutlery

Find some great reusable lunch boxes and cutlery at Little Earth Nest

8. Reusable coffee cups

As there are so many beautiful and sustainable options out there for your new reusable coffee cup, this article might help you choose

9. Reusable produce bags

If you are looking for nice and light reusable produce bags, this Australian company might have the right ones for you

10. Reusable shopping bags

This guide to reusable shopping bags by Canstar might be of interest to you if you are looking for some nice new shopping bags

11. Reusable straws

All you need to know about reusable straws written on Reusable Nation’s blog

12. Grow your own food

Here some ideas to get you started on your journey to grow your own food: A quick guide to growing your own food by Local Harvest, how to get started gardening podcast by Pip magazine and a guide on how to live sustainably by growing your own food by Sustainability.vic.gov.au

13. Buy in bulk

This great website gives you ideas on how and where to buy your food in bulk

14. Menstruation panties

How to choose menstruation panties and everything you need to consider before buying easy with this guide by Choice. More reviews and some honest opinions of period undies by 1 Million Women

15. Menstruation cups

A great comparison on menstrual cups which help you find the right one for you. Also some reviews on them here

16. Write a letter to your favourite company about packaging

This is an excellent example of a zero-waste feedback letter which you can alter and send to your favourite company demanding change in product packaging.

17. Eco Packaging

Maybe give these compostable packaging options a twirl next time you need to send something out. A great resource for plastic free suppliers on bags, bottles and caps, containers, cutlery, packaging and straws can be found here

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